Vines for the Home Garden

Growing vines in the home garden is one of the most rewarding and effective uses of garden space. Think "grow up and not out" and you get the picture. :-) From flowers to fruit, these kinds of plant can meet many garden needs. Want fragrance? Think of wisteria. Want fruit? Think of grapes. Want flowers? Well, there are almost too many to list there. Want an instant screen? There's a plant for you!

I've added - and continue to add - plant profiles answering the questions readers send using the forms on this site. I hope you find them useful.

I've grown darn near every one of these vines in one garden or the other over the years and fell in love with almost every one for the purposes I intended. And that's the key here. Every vine has its purpose and sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

For example, if you want a fast-growing flowering vine, they're here. But a fast-growing vine has the tremendous potential to morph into a fast-spreading weed or even noxious weed in some areas.

That said, here are the plant profiles. I hope you find them useful.

Black Eyed Susan Vine

Growing Thunbergia or Black Eyed Susan vine for annual climber or hanging baskets

Boston Ivy

Boston Ivy is one of the classic vines for covering walls in older homes


How to grow this classic flowering vine

Clematis Problem

Here's a classic clematis problem and the solutions

Climbing Hydrangea

Heavy flowering - this vine never met a wall it didn't like

Dutchman's Pipe

An impressively fast grower but flowers are hidden

English Ivy

English ivy is either beloved or hated - few in the middle and here's why


Growing the heavy flowering honeysuckle vine - easy grower

Morning Glory Vine

Annual vine for quick growth and screens - blooms later in the summer

Orange Trumpet Vine

Orange trumpet vine - heavy bloomer but spreading thug

Porcelain Berry

Lovely blue berries in fall but major invasive plant - be warned

Silver Lace Vine

A classic fast-growing vine once established

Virginia Creeper

Here are the simple steps you want to take for pruning shrubs properly


Rampant spreader in South but the fragrance ...

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