Trumpet Daffodils

Growing trumpet daffodils is easy.

They are very hardy bulbs that no pest eats (they taste really, really bad) and once established are quite hardy and will survive for years if left undisturbed.

This daffodil only has one large flower to a stem. The trumpet is as long or longer than the perianth segments. (The perianth in daffodils is the outer ring of flower petals). Essentially the trumpet sticks out a long way.

You’ll see many different flower colors in the Trumpet daffodil section (including King Alfred daffodils) – ranging from whites to yellows and combinations of white/yellows.

They are an early spring bloomer – early May in zone 4

Easy Deadheading for the Big Trumpet Daffodils

Planting trumpet daffodils

Plant them approximately three inches apart with their tops three inches deep.

trumpet daffodil dutchmaster
Trumpet Daffodil "Las Vegas'

Here are the commonly available varieties:

'Arctic gold' : yellow
'Ballade': golden-yellow
'Brighton' : golden-yellow with lemon-yellow trumpet
'Dutch Master': golden-yellow
'Exception': yellow
'Foresight': white with bright yellow trumpet
'Goblet': creamy-white with yellow trumpet
'Golden Harvest': gold-yellow
'Gold Medal': gold-yellow
'Las Vegas': white and yellow
'Little Gem': yellow
'Magnet': white with yellow trumpet
'Mount Hood': ivory-white
'Princewinner': yellow
'Royal Gold': yellow
'Spellbinder': canary yellow with pale yellow trumpet
'Standard Value': yellow
'Unsurpassable': canary yellow with gold-yellow trumpet

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