Tiny black and brown bugs

by Jacq
(Tempe, AZ)

I found thousands of these tiny bugs crawling in my front yard. They are all over my sweet alyssum and crawling among the rocks and concrete area. I have a permaculture garden with lots of wood chips and edible plants. I don't see them during the middle of the day. Just noticed them today during sunset.

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by: Carol

Gosh, this looks like a tick.

False Chinch Bug
by: Anonymous

After many hours of hunting around. I found out that these are False Chinch Bug.

Seed bug - False chinch bug nymph
by: Moni

It is the young stage (nymph), so it is hard to know for sure which species of insect it is. It probably is a False chinch bug. There are several species. In the southwest, there are a couple of species of this insect genus Nysius, but this is probably N. raphanus. They have been known to resemble ticks :)

These insects, like most seed bugs feed on plant parts, but are less specialized than most seed bugs. They will eat by sucking juices out of a wide range of plants, feeding on seeds, flowers, leaves, etc. These are not a landscape pest, but can be a pest at the borders of some crop fields.

They are known to be found in clusters of many in a group together.

Thanks for the ID help...I had it to seed bug, but the nymphal stage is hard to ID.

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