Newsletter Step One Done - Now Do Step Two

You've just signed up for the newsletter but you have to do step two to finish the process.


You've done step 1 - you signed up.

To get the newsletter and free ebooks, you have to do Step 2.

(step 2 stops spammers from adding addresses to my list)

What is Step Two?

You have to confirm that you're a real person (I'm sure you are but the anti-spam system doesn't know you are)

1) As you read this, I'm sending you an email.

If you don't get it within 10 minutes, check your spam filter/box because it's been picked off from there.

(Add the email from the header to your approved senders list so it doesn't get picked off as spam.(

2) In that letter is a link.  

3) Click on the link

In order to get the newsletter you have to click on that link (or cut and paste it into your browser if you can't click)

This ensures the email address is really yours (and nobody signed you up themselves) and that we're not spamming you.

If you don't want the newsletter - don't click on the link and you won't hear from me again.

4) That's it.

That will complete the subscription and you'll immediately get another email and start receiving the newsletter.

We do this double click system to stop people from subscribing other addresses.  This stops spam (I hate spam).

Thanks for understanding.  

And I'll look forward to hearing what you think of the newsletter.


p.s. and do check you spam filter - most problems are solved that way.

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