by Doug
(The Land of Grateful)

Folks - this is where I want you to put a note thanking Moni for helping you out. Add it to the comments section below please.

I admire everything Moni does to volunteer her expertise to help you folks - I hope you feel the same way.


Comments for THANK YOU MONI

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Many Thanks
by: BronxBaby

Yes, thank you so very much for all your help in identifying the garden critters both good and evil!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Many thanks
by: Paula

Dear Moni,
How wonderful it is to have someone so knowledgeable handing out information about a subject we all have to deal with in the garden. Please know how much you are appreciated! All good wishes for a wonderful winter, Paula

cypnid wasps
by: bob

hi and thanks for all tour work.. perhaps you know a way of keeping these invisible gall making wasps from wrecking my teresa bugnet rose shrubs.????

Thank you
by: gardengeri

B-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thanks for your work!

by: Anne Harris

We who follow Doug's site appreciate your tireless work to help each of us. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season as we celebrate His birth for He is the Savior of the world who died to take away each person's sin and give us a personal relationship with Him.

You are the best!
by: Jane Brunton

Thanks for all you do with such good humor and patience to help us out.

Best of the season to you and yours.


Thank you
by: Susan

Thank you Moni-I (myself) have never had to use your expertise, but, from what it says, you work tirelessly for others--and I want you to know you are appreciated! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Keep up the good work!

Much appreciation
by: Cheryl

Thank you so much, Moni. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy 2011!!

big thank you!
by: Diane S.

A big wreath of graditute for all the wonderful work you do. Peace and love Diane

Thanks Moni
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It has been a great help to us all.

Thank You!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your help and information. J.

A BIG Thank you!
by: Sue in Georgia

You are much appreciated, Moni! Thanks for all the good information.

can't wait!
by: mary

I just joined this group and actually just joined the whole internet life. I looked around to find things that I enjoy. Cooking was first simply because of the alphabet, but I certainly knew that gardening would be next.
I joined late in the year so I'm really really looking forward to 2011 and you folks!

first-hand knowledge
by: Mayo

Hi Moni, Thanks so much for the awesome job you do in a more-than-tricky area. I can personally vouch for how much Doug appreciates it!!

Adding my two cents worth
by: Carolyn

Thanks, Moni -- you're a treasure trove!


Thanks for all your tireless help for us not in the know!

thank you
by: Karen

Hi Mona
Anyone who volunteers to give their expertise is much appreciated...Hope you know you are. and that 2011 brings you everything in life that makes you happy. Merry Christmas too!

by: Christa

Dear Moni,
I want to join the many
people who offered their 'Thank you' for the tremendous effort you put in, using your 'spare time' to inform us, who have no clue about the 'bug life'.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Enjoy this special time of year with family and friends. Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2011.

by: Marie

Thank you Moni for a job well done.

by: Lorraine

We all thank you Moni. And isn't it fun to find the answer to callers questions. Especially the folks that have been around for a while. As a UC Lifetime Master Gardener I love to listen to the farmers here in California tell me how they handle different problems. Most of them NOT in the books.
Keep up the good work.

Thank you Moni
by: Ms. P R Taylor

Moni, I have not posted a quesiton, yet if Doug says you merit an extra comment, I believe him. So, I send this special note of gratitude and best wishes.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

You bet I want to thank you for all your help. I am totally new to using the computer and love Doug's letters/info. So thanks so much for helping him and for your knowledge sharing on the insects!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and a very Happy New Year!~

Thanks a Lot
by: Rachel

From the South we thank you for all your knowledge and help. Have a good 2011

Your generosity!
by: Rob

Thanks to Moni for your tirelessness and generosity indulging our curiosities and enlightening us when we haven't a clue but just have to know what we're looking at!

My Garden Helper
by: Barbara

I have enjoyed your bug reviews immensely, and have learned so much from you. Keep up the the great work.

thank u
by: Anonymous

looking forward to seeing more bugs, i can't thank u enuf for doing the id's it is fantastic

by: Mara

Thank you fo ral lof your efforts to mak ethis a wonderful resource, for knowledgeable and novice gardeners and all in between.
Merry Christmas!

Volunteers, gotta love them!
by: Joyce in Minnesota

Volunteers are crazy. They go above and beyond, like you. So much would not get done if it weren't for people with passion. Thank you for your passion and for being crazy. It's so nice.

Thank yous
by: Anonymous

Many thanks Moni and to you too Mayo! I looking forward to the many articles and to your interesting topic as well.

Enjoy the holidays!


Dear Moni,
May Peace be with you & all your Loved Ones at Christmas,
May it reign throughout the earth,
As nations link to celebrate Christ,
our Saviour's Birth.
God bless you for being so helpful to Doug and all of us.
Hilda & Horst

Thanks for your hard work
by: Kathy M

Thankyou so much Moni for all your help with Doug. I really look forward to these letters. Merry Christmas to you and your family...Doug and Mona too xxxx

by: LinB

You are so good at finding the "Bugs" ID. Even if there are so many that look horrific, I wouldn't want them near me. Keep up the good work-2011!

Thanks Noni!
by: Deborah

It's always a blessing to know there is expert, happily offered help out there... have not had need yet to ask for your help but would like to thank you in advance!

Best in 2011

Organization of the bug site
by: Jane Brunton

Just wanted to say it was a great idea to organize the bug site by color of the critter.

thanks bunches
by: mrs dean hunt

with all the diff insects in our universe we are humbly grateful ....:) call me bennie

by: Anonymous

ididnt even upload a picture but iwas just looking for a particular insect nd bing led me here. so thank you moni.

Can anyone identify this insect?
by: Harry Stone

Thank you very much! My wife and I had wracked our computers' brains trying to find something like this.

by: Keith

I just submitted something. I hope you can identify it, but even if not, thank you for helping all these other folks!

For whatever may be ""bugging" you?
by: Née

Thank you, Moni! Glad to see another woman who
likes bugs! :) well...sort of?

Thanks for the insect identification
by: Andrée Paquette

It could be used by scientists. I hope they will consult your data base!
So helpful.

a meaningful difference..
by: sangappa kori, india

thanks a lot MONI, from all my fellow-farmers,for all your work that contributes to agri-growth. i believe it makes a big meaningful difference to your and our lives...

Thank You Moni
by: gardveg

Thank you Moni for all the time and effort it takes to research and maintain a site like this.May this Christmas be a wonderful one for you and your Family, and may 2012 bring you all great joy and good health. Thank you again.

by: Stacey Harris

Thank you for your advice on handling squash vine borers.

by: Jeanette

Thank you for looking into what the insects on my picture where. I can't imagine what you must go trough to figure out what they are. I know it's not easy, or I would have figured it out myself. So, kudos to you! For keeping us aware of what these amazing creatures are.

Thank you
by: Elizabeth

Thank you for tirelessly helping those of us who aren't insect savvy! While I admire and appreciate most of the insects in my garden, I know I scratch my head about most of them and am always curious. Thank you again for helping out and satisfying my curiosity. Learning is a lifetime passion of mine.

thank you Moni, for your love of insects!
by: Renate

I have not sent a photo for identification, but I have read through a lot of the identifications, and I really appreciate your knowledge, insight and passion for insects, Moni. I thank you for sharing that, and for encouraging people not to kill insects -- to catch them indoors and take them outside, for example. Insects are beautiful and they play important and critical roles that support life as we know it on this planet. We need to learn that and remember that as we go about our daily lives. Thank you again, Moni.

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