Tender Roses in Tough Climates

I started my nursery career by growing annual plants and then perennial plants but I never grew tender roses – even in my own garden. And you know when I first started growing them, I struggled for several years following all the classic growing advice. I planted them as the "experts" told me to – I sprayed them, I fed them and I watched them mostly die over the winter in my cold Canadian garden.

I can tell you that it wasn't much fun at all spending all that money every spring on plants to see them croak over the winter.   And yes, I hilled them and covered them with Styrofoam and leaves and straw and peat moss and … just about anything the experts told me to use. I tried ‘em all. To say I was a little frustrated was an understatement

I read a short article in a small rose growing journal about a prairie gardener who planted his tender roses so the bud unions were lower than that recommended by the experts. I was intrigued but found very quickly that the so-called experts were not very complimentary to this system and had some pretty harsh condemnations of it. I was intrigued enough (or desperate enough) to check it out.

And darned if my roses didn't survive the following year.
But I wasn't happy with the bloom size and the rose wasn't very strong compared to the other roses (those that were wintered in California and sold in Canada) So I started what was a bit of a gardening journey in experimenting with not only keeping these marvelous plants alive but in getting them to bloom and perform as well as their more traditionally grown cousins.

The long and the short of it is that I succeeded and managed to not only overwinter tender hybrid tea roses without any winter protection but I also figured out how to feed them for optimum bloom production and reduce my disease problems so I could almost eliminate spraying my roses.

And having done that, a publisher asked me to document all this in a  book.:-) I did and the resulting book Tender Roses for Tough Climates was published and distributed through all three major garden book clubs. It sold out of its first printing but because the small publisher was sold to a big chain, the book passed out of existence.

In this process, the legal copyright to the book reverted to me and now I'm bringing this hard-earned advice back to the gardening world.

I'm publishing it myself (those rose experts still don't quite get it) and showing folks how to have an almost-problem free rose garden growing tender hybrid tea roses in cold, tough climates. I got rid of all the stuff the publisher put in to pad the book and I've rewritten it all down to what you really need to know to keep a tender hybrid tea rose alive in a cold climate and get those gorgeously fragrant blossoms year after year. I'll tell you how to plant it.
How to feed it to get those massive fragrant blooms
I'll show you how to prune it.

I tell you which roses are the best for hardy climbing roses and I'll show you how to prune them to get them to behave like well-mannered roses.

I grow a lot of roses in containers (even though the experts say it is hard to do) and I succeed and I overwinter them. Here's how I do it.

If you have tree roses, you'll want to know the essential differences between those and regular roses. And once you know how to handle this rose, you'll succeed with it.

I'll also detail organic and environmentally sound techniques to handle the four main rose problems.

I also provide a big chart on growing the major kinds of shrub roses and whether you have to treat them any differently (and what you can expect from them).

Insects are not a problem. I don't even go into it because a jet of water will knock down most of them. And if that doesn't work – a dash of soap, a dusting of diatomaceous earth or a spray of neem will knock down almost everything you'll ever see. Mind you, I do say this in the book.

If you live in a cold climate where your roses tend to die over the winter, this is the ebook that will give you everything you need to know to keep your roses alive and thriving.

I'm not talking miracles here. I'm not talking snake-oil. I'm simply telling you how I keep my roses alive and blooming like crazy without having to do anything to keep them alive over the winter.


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