The Spitbug is Mostly Harmless

The spitbug spits.

If the pest is white, looks like a gob of foamy spit sitting on the crotch of a plant leaf and stem it is probably a spitbug.

You see, spittlebugs spit.

Well, there's no other way to describe the protective cocoon of stuff they hide in.

Protective Cocoon

I guess it's home if you're a bug but we can eliminate them with either a flick of the fingers or a spray of water from the hose. Heavy infestations may crinkle the leaves of your plant but generally they are harmless and eccentric members of the general garden family.

Small Green Insect

If you gently brush away the white foam, you'll find a small green insect inside.

I just let them do their thing. Anything that outrageous doesn't need to be controlled. And, in over thirty years of gardening, I've never seen an infestation heavy enough to control.

p.s. Spitbugs and Spitlebugs are the same thing.

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