Sowing Daffodil Seed

My question is about sowing daffodil seed, I've been working in my daffodils again and trimming just the dead flowers and leaving the green which is very important. I noticed that some had a bulb like seed filled pod....opening the pod, it had seeds, can these be planted or I am assuming way too much work and effort. Would you dry the bulb or should I have left it on the stem to dry??? What do you think? I live on Lake Michigan,

Doug says

I'm about to do this. It's the end of June and the seed pods have turned brown. I'm preparing a section of ground in my garden which has had all the weeds/sticks etc taken out and made into the very best garden soil I'm capable of doing at this time.

Those seeds (the pods are now brownish) will be mature. So I'm taking them out of the pods and sowing them on the soil. I'm scattering a *very* thin layer of Pro-mix over top of them just to hold them in place and discourage ants and mice from eating them all up (they will if you don't cover them)

The seeds are being put about a half inch apart - in the full sun.

My expectation is that many of them will germinate next spring. How many ? Darned if I know - it depends on how many the mice and ants get I suspect but certainly I'd expect to see 50%.

I'll grow them right there in those beds all summer and I'll feed and water them like crazy (can you say fish emulsion?) in the spring and summer (until they go dormant) so they'll pump up and get big.

Many of the larger leaved ones will be healthy enough to dig up on the early fall and transplant to a garden bed.

Otherwise, grow for another season and dig them up in the end of June after the leaves have yellowed off. (this is two years in this bed).

Store them dry all summer (as cool as possible too) or transplant them immediately into your garden bed.

If stored, plant in the fall at the normal time where you want them to bloom.

It's like growing onions for two years

Yes, it's a lot of work. Essentially, you're growing onions for two years and then digging/moving them to another garden location. Lots of weeding, lots of digging.

But a heck of a lot of bulbs. And there will be a great variety of flower shapes as you're taking seed from a hybrid. You'll never know what you're going to get. So if that's important to you - buy a sack next fall.

But a heck of a lot of bulbs. :-)

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