Four Things You Want to Know About Growing Silver Lace Vine

Silver lace vine or Polygonum aubertii is one of the fastest growing vines in the garden.

Give this vine an inch and it will take a trellis.


It is rated to USDA zone 4 by Dirr (the woody expert) and I've grown it in a 4 but it did get burned back in cold winters. Many gardeners claim it is a zone 6 plant. Most gardeners cut it to the ground in the fall anyway because this weed, once established, will easily grow 20 feet in a single growing season. (Leaps tall buildings in a single bound!)

So mulch it for winter protection in zone 4 and go with that.

Also please understand that in cooler climates it is only a matter of time before a tough winter kills it. :-(

silver lace vine

Silver Lace Vine - a mass of whitish flowers


It has small white or light greenish flowers in fall but there's scads of them and they are fragrant. (lightly fragrant but pleasantly so) You'll see flowers from mid-August onwards.


Grow it in the full sun and give it something to climb on as it twines around its support. Make the support very strong as this is a very large climbing plant. It will tolerate shade and dry soils just to make you very happy. (translation: grow it anywhere)

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This vine is easily transplanted with a little care and you should understand that it also tries to spread by underground rhizomes if happy in its spot. This is by way of saying, this is a weed. Note that every little bit of root can form a new plant so if you want to share your happiness with a friend, dig up a chunk of root and replant in their garden (but ask them first).

And a final note. Do not plant this vine next to other vines. It does not play nicely as it will smother the other vine underneath its vigorous growth.

Japanese beetles seem to like to eat it. Otherwise, you should have no problems with Silver Lace Vine.

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