Shade Gardens

You've struggled with shaded areas and wondered how those magazine gardens ever manage to grow those plants or whether there's a lot of touching up going on.  While there's no doubt a good photographyer makes a difference, let me tell you that great gardens are the foundation for a super garden photograph and the backbones of those shade garden pictures are great plants - grown well.  

This ebook is about sharing with you - all  the tips and techniques that the pro's use to make those garden beds (yes, it starts with some interesting soil building techniques) so they can grow all those plants in places where you have trouble growing weeds.

Grow-Anything Garden Bed Construction (Unique to Shade Gardens)

It tells you the easy way to make garden beds as well as the more complicated methods. The ebook even ranks them from easiest to most complex.I note however that the most complex system of garden bed making will allow you to grow any plant you can imagine - from the rarest orchid to the easiest of impatiens. And produce stunning results.

Plant Lists and Growing Instructions

Easy Grow Perennial Growing Instructions

Once you know how to grow great shade plants then the bulk of the book gives you the specific methods to succeed with individual plants. From Alchemilla  through Trilliums, there are how-to grow instructions for shade loving perennials. (and pictures)

The Secrets of Success

You've struggled with your dry soils and shaded areas and wondered why you couldn't make it look like the magazines.  Now you can.  The practical methods used by those great gardeners to make their gardens blossom.

This ebook is a full 63 pages packed with growing tips and hints. It contains everything you need to know to be a great shade gardener.


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