Landscaping to Sell Your Home

When you decide to sell your home - your main objective is to make as much money from that sale as possible. This ebook will give you the quick and easy tools to add real dollars to your property by adding curb appeal or the WOW! factor.

This isn't about spending a lot of money (although you can if you like).

This is about the tips and secrets we use to drastically improve the look of a home without anybody really noticing you've done anything.

These are the subtle hints that tell the story that nice people live in this house. The effects of this story are that other nice people want to buy your home.

So What's Covered?

I'll tell you what the first thing you don't want to do is. And if you do, how much money it might cost you.

The basic 7 things that every real estate agent will tell you to do. If you do these things before you employ an agent, then your house will be listed for more money.

Is there one big secret to making your home look better? I'll tell you right now, there isn't. It's a bunch of little things that all combine together to drastically improve the look of your home. They're in the ebook and listed below:

Quick Lawn Improvements

What is the most important thing you can do to your lawn to get it instantly looking great?

What is the second thing you do to that lawn to improve it within 6 weeks? And you do understand that the lawn is the first thing buyers see. They aren't going to say "great lawn" but they are going to take it in and see the level of care. First impressions come from the lawn. And while women likely make much of their decisions based on kitchens, guys look at lawns.

Shrubs, Hanging Baskets and Garden Colors to Increase Sales

What do you do with those shrubs? Here's how to emphasize a good one and hide a problem without lifting a shovel.

Why you're not going to grow hanging baskets if you are selling your home.  And why you are going to grow container plants and the two tricks that will make your containers look like those in magazines.

If you're growing geraniums in your flower beds, why you always want to use the inexpensive seed geraniums.

Do you know which colors to use in your annual garden flowers? This ebook tells you.

Here's the way to complete the first impression with the pavers and walks.

Perennials and those Pesky Roses

And we're not ignoring the basic tricks in the perennial garden or bulb garden. There are several tips here to quickly improve the look of your garden plants.

While roses are briefly mentioned, the rule of thumb here is that good roses are fed and bad roses are yanked out. Don't grow anything that doesn't lend the WOW! factor. Replace any dead plants with bright annuals instead. Roses have a reputation as a tough plant to grow and buyers don't want hassles.  If the buyer is a fellow rose grower, they'll possibly "sniff" at your attempts.  Get rid of poor roses.

Ponds, Lawn Furniture and Houseplant Tips

If you have a pond, here are two things you can do to get that water sparkling clear right away in the spring.

And my favorite trick to making lawn furniture look great is included here. This is a great tip for both selling your home and for your first party in your new home.

How to increase the WOW! factor with indoor plants. And what kind of cheap, easy to grow and get-rid-of plants to always have on the kitchen table.

Immediate Download

All of these tips is included in this electronic book that you can download right now. 21 pages of tips at approximately 3mgs (download time 2-3 minutes on high speed)

As always, if you're not happy for any reason with this ebook, I'll quickly (with no questions asked) refund your money. You have a full 90 days to request your refund and its my personal guarantee that you'll be pleased.

I have to confess that I've used some of these techniques in two houses I've sold in the past few years and in both cases we had bidding and raised offers over our asking prices. This in a market that wasn't known for bidding. A few flowers in the right place does wonders if you know where and what to do.


Sales of this ebook have been suspended while it's being rewritten and reformatted

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