Vegetable Seed Saving

What's this page about?

This e-book on vegetable seed saving describes how to save all the common vegetable seeds (and some not-so-common ones too) in ways that make sense and are easily done.

How to collect, how to save properly and how to store seeds so you can easily grow your own plants year after year without having to go to garden centers and pay those prices.

It's easy to do. And can be done with simple kitchen equipment you already have about the house along with a few envelopes to store the seeds. The step by step directions are here.

Who Wrote It?

Written by heirloom seed expert Maryann "Mayo" Underwood, this is her passing-along of information she first learned at the knee of her Native American uncle. Mayo's love of "interesting" seed is well known to her friends and she has brought seeds back from almost all her travels to add to her over 600 varieties she saves and stores for her own gardens. A "collector" of interesting plants, she and the seed company she started have been responsible for rescuing several different varieties from extinction - one of which went on to become the best tomato of the year according to Rodale's testing program.

What's in it?

This ebook will teach you the best ways to both collect and save seed from all the common garden vegetables.

It describes those seeds that don't need to be separated from their neighbors and those that do.

It describes when to collect the seed and shows pictures of many of the tricky things under discussion so you know what you're looking at.

Over 50 pages of seed collection and saving information.

No fluff. This is what you need to know and not a ton of stuff put into a book to make it big enough to print. This e-book tells you what you need to know and how to do the job so that beginners can succeed.

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Vegetable Gardening: Seed Saving from Vegetables

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