The Tricks to Growing Great Radish

Radish are a problem to write about.

They are so easy to grow it is almost criminal to suggest that you read an entire page about them.

Spring Sowing

Sow in the spring as soon as you can work the ground. Sow the seed about one quarter to one half inch deep at two seed per inch of row. Thin the resulting seedlings so they are around one and a half inches apart. The seed will be up and out of the ground in about five days and don't worry about frost or snow or cold (heavy freezing will hurt them but that's about it) Sow a new crop every week until it starts to get too hot; radish do not like hot weather.

basil citriodora boxwood

Typical cherry ball radish

Short Rows

This means that the rows should be very short because (think about it) how many can you really eat in salads or stir fries? :-)

Harvesting Radish

Harvest them regularly because they really are only in prime condition for a few days it seems. To keep them mild – not blazing hot and tough – you need to grow them quickly. Think lots of compost in the top few inches of soil (they are shallow rooted) and absolutely no moisture stress (keep them well watered). If you let them dry out or get too hot in July and August – they'll quickly become woody and not nice to eat.

You may find when trying to grow them in the middle of the summer that the long days and high temperatures make them go to flower very quickly. This is to be expected. Just yank them out and compost them.

Shallow Cultivation

Because they are shallow rooted, cultivate as shallowly as you can. Use compost in the soil as radish do not like over feeding. Overfeeding attracts root maggots (they like the extra nitrogen in the soil and root.)

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Useful Hint

Use radish as row markers for other plants such as carrots or tuck a few here and there between tomato plants. Use waste space in the garden to grow rather than give them their own row.

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