Quail Daffodils

I am new to your Newsletter, and am so glad I found you!
Well...just wanted to say 2 words: QUAIL DAFFODILS.
I researched Daffodils last year and they were said to be the longest-blooming (tho a bit smaller than those nice huge ones you see...if you are lucky enough that they don't freeze and keel over!)

So I ordered 450 bulbs (between them and Allium)... and was just flabbergasted this spring!

The Quail Daffodils never missed a beat...bloomed literally for WEEKS (sure wish I'd have paid attention to exactly how long!) and they also came thru 2 late hard freezes just fine!They never even noticed!

I have never been so satisfied with a purchase in my life!


Quail Daffodil

Doug says:

Yes, the Narcissus 'Quail' is a fine performer. It is one of the Jonquil class and smaller, fragrant and a long bloomer.

If my memory serves me right, it won a Royal Hort Society award a few years ago.

It is heavily promoted by the discount flower companies and you can find it all over the Net.

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