Why Not Grow Spring Blooming Puschkinia scilloides libanotica

Pushkinia scilloides var libanotica (isn’t that a mouthful?) is sometimes sold as Puschkinia libanotica. Given this mouthful of a name, it is only fitting that you also know it was named after Count Apollo Apollosovich Mussin-Pushkin a Russian chemist who collected plants in the Caucasus and Mt. Ararat regions.

This small blooming bulb is a tough little creature, normally found in mountain meadows and fairly easy to grow. It wants full sun to part shade on well-drained soils. If you give it a gritty soil with a decent amount of organic matter, it will likely respond by self sowing for you.

Puschkinia scilloides var libanotica

Puschkinia scilloides var libanotica

Note that clay soils with their winter and summer wet will kill this bulb as it really wants to dry out during the summer. It makes an excellent rock garden bulb for this reason.


Plant the base of the bulb 2-inches deep and leave approximately 2-3-inches between bulbs.

The flowers are a bluish-white in the early spring.

Because it thrives in a part shade location, it is a perfect bulb for planting under deciduous shrubs and trees where the spring light (before the trees leaf out) will give it a good start on the season.

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