The Steps To Pruning Shrubs Properly

There are really two kinds of pruning cuts for pruning shrubs you absolutely need to be able to do and figure out. When you master these two cuts (easily done by the way) you'll find yourself able to grow and shape shrubs, trees, annuals and just about any plant you grow into any shape you desire.

These are the two basic cuts.   The Heading cut and the Thinning cut.  I show you them in this video and I hope it helps you create a great garden.

Order of Pruning

Understand these are guidelines - they're not rules carved in stone but rather suggestions for "best practices".

Remove All Dead Branches

When you start pruning, the first thing you do is remove all dead branches. That alone will thin out the shrub. While this isn't a "rule" it's as close to it as we need to get - :-) Dead branches don't belong in our garden shrubs.

Remove Rubbing Branches

The second thing you do is remove any rubbing branches. Rubbing branches lead to dead branches or deformed growth. The thing you need to do here is be aware of which is the stronger growing branch and which is growing in the direction you want growth. The "other" one comes out.

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Prune For Shape

The third thing you do is to prune for shape as per the video. Do you want a thicker shrub or a more open shrub? This is totally up to the gardener (to you!) to decide as there is no right or wrong answer.

Good News

The really good news here is that shrubs will mostly grow back and recover if you mess up - so don't be afraid to experiment and do your best. This isn't rocket science and it's supposed to be fun (making mistakes is allowed and we've all done them)

Those are the three main things you need to know about pruning shrubs and if you watched the video, you're ahead of the game.

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