Pruning Miniature Roses Indoors and Outdoors

Pruning miniature roses is one of the easiest of rose pruning chores.

To begin with, let's assume you've purchased a rose and it has finished its first flush of blooms.

Carefully Cut Off Fading Roses

At this point, carefully cut off the old fading roses. This gives you a small mound of canes – try to prune to a well-mounded shape with the center of the mini rose being slightly taller than the outer edges. If given a choice in your pruning, definitely prune to an outward facing bud. If you can't see one – don't sweat the small stuff – just prune to shape.

Overwintered Roses

If you've just had a rose overwinter and you're not sure what to do – pick 5-8 of the healthiest and thickest looking canes and remove the rest. We want the rose to focus its energy on feeding the thickest and healthiest canes rather than some smaller ones. Cut these back by half (if you didn't prune in the fall). The new shoots will come from these canes and after they flower, you follow the first paragraph.

If you've just rooted a cutting, don't prune it other than to remove flowers before they start to show color. We want the rose to put its energy into root and leaf production, not flowers. In its second year, you'll be pruning miniature roses as in the above paragraph. Note that it might not throw too many canes in its first year but will get larger every year.

Canes that come from below ground are not a problem with miniature roses as they are not grafted. These canes will flower exactly as the others. So you can leave them or prune them off – consider them as part of the 5-8 strong canes you're looking for.

Indoors - Pruning Miniature Roses

If you have a mini rose indoors, follow the first paragraph instructions after it finishes blooming. Treat it indoors as you would treat it outdoors. See the indoor page for instructions on maintaining this rose indoors.

Pruning miniature roses really is that simple. Simply use sharp shears and prune to shape the plant after each flush of bloom. It will take care of the rest.

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