The Simple Rules for Planting Daffodils

Planting daffodils is as easy as growing this amazing bulb.

Rule of Thumb - How Deep?

The rule of thumb is to put the top of the bulb between 3-4 inches below the surface.

In small bulbs, this can be reduced to 2-inches.

In very large bulbs, it can be increased to 5-6 inches.

As long as you're close (don't bother using a ruler) the bulb will be fine. Believe it or not, bulbs develop special kinds of roots that reach out to the soil - grab onto the soil and pull the bulb downwards (you didn't think bulb seed got planted 6 inches deep did you?) :-)

Naturalizing Daffodils

And yeah, I held my iphone the wrong way to shoot this. :-(

Where to Plant?

Daffodils are planted in the full sunshine if possible but if not, then give them as much sun as you can.

They also do well if planted under deciduous trees (the ones that drop their leaves) as they get a fair bit of sunshine in early spring before the leaves come out. With this sunshine, they will grow and thrive under a tree.

This is not particularly true for maples or other trees with dense shade. Under ash, birch or other “looser” trees, they do fine if kept damp in the spring.

They will not grow well under the dry shade of evergreens.

Book cover spring bulbs

Planting daffodils is the hard part, enjoying their spring color explosion is the fun part.

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