Oxalis bulbs are fun things to grow and these particular ones are considered not garden hardy north of zone 7.

Also please note the common name of wood sorrel refers to over 800 species and while some are noxious weeds, the ones listed here make excellent garden plants.

To begin with, the leaves of these plants resemble clover and the blossoms open in the sunshine and close up in shade or at night. This tells you pretty clearly that these are sun loving plants! The warmer and sunnier you make them the happier they are. I note you can push them into a spot where they get sun for 75% of the day and theyÂ’ll still bloom (early morning shade or evening shade).

Ones that are not winter hardy are: O. deppei, O. lasiandra and O. regnellii. The winter hardy O. adenophylla is here.

Oxalis bloom all summer with pink flowers (O. regnellii is white) and are welcome additions to the annual bulb bed or containers. You can expect the flowers to sit around 12-inches above the plant.


Plant the bulbs so the base of the bulb is 2-inches deep and plant them 2-inches apart for best effect and show. (the bulbs arenÂ’t overly expensive so you can afford to crowd them a bit to give a great show).

Commonly available varieties include:

O. deppei (lucky clover) - pink-red
O. deppei 'Iron Cross' - black-brown color at the base of the four leaflets
O. lasiandra - pink
O. regnellii - white

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