Oriental Lilies

Oriental lilies are indeed a "must have" for gardeners who want to fall in love.

These are the large flowered and heavily perfumed lilies we all dream of growing in our gardens. Here's how to grow them.

Growing Conditions

Grow in full sun. You can get away with early morning shade but they should be in the full, hot sun by 10 am. You're looking for a minimum of 8 hours of full hot sunshine including the noon sun. Oriental lilies that are not given enough sunshine flop over and are weak.

Grow in a well drained soil. Clay soils hold too much water and will rot the bulbs out over winter.

Grow in a fertile soil. There's no way you can add too much compost. A shovel a bulb in the early spring is a good way to keep this bulb happy and flowering.

Planting and Hardiness

This bulb is hardy down into USDA zone 3 but somewhat marginal there and will require winter mulch for protection.

Also, in cold climates such as this only plant in the spring as this will give the bulb time to acclimatize and set roots. Fall plantings are less successful in very cold climates.

Plant the bulb so the top of the bulb is twice its height. So if the bulb is 3 inches tall, then ensure the top of the bulb is 6 inches deep. Slightly deeper is no problem.

Design Suggestions

Plant your lilies in clumps. I know it can be a little more expensive but single lily stems in the garden look weak and poorly designed. Spend the money and plant at least 3 of each variety you admire in a small clump (approximately 12 inches apart)

Plant the clumps approximately 4-5 feet apart.

More in a clump is better and plant the clump in a triangle with one point facing toward the spot where you tend to look at your garden. This will give you depth and make the clump look bigger than it actually is.

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