Practical Organic Vegetable Gardening

I've been using organic vegetable gardening techniques since I started gardening. When you have four kids on a farm, an almost unlimited amount of composted manure and not enough money to go around, then you learn how to garden properly (almost by necessity) :-)

Those hard-earned lessons were supplemented by all the great advice I received from friends and neighbours as well as finding and reading a few of the classic vegetable gardening books I was able to afford. I note used bookstores were - and still are - my favorite store.

I've also spent most of my professional life in the nursery and as a garden writer helping others to be better organic gardeners and I hope you find the articles here useful as you journey with me on this amazing road we call a vegetable garden.

I should mention my better half is a recognized authority on heirloom vegetables and when we got together she brought almost 600 varieties of heirloom seed with her. Our gardens are a cornucopia of seed from around the world.

green bean flowers

Our vegetable garden - end of June 2014

Growing Tomatoes

A Mini-Course on Growing Tomatoes

A mini-course on growing tomatoes to get your started - with links to other pages.

Tomatoes: Fact and Fiction and Even More

A range of information - from allergies to acidity to types of plants to grow

Three Kinds of Tomato Blight

The three kinds of tomato blight and what you can do about them

Germinating Tomato Seed

Three tips for success with starting your own tomato seed

Solving The Two Worst Tomato Problems

Here are the real solutions to the two worst tomato problems you'll see in your garden

Got Tomato Gardening Questions? Here's Where Doug Answers Them

Straw Bale Gardening

Straw Bale Gardening Basics

Straw bale planting - the first page to read with all the how-to-do it steps.

Straw Bale Q & A

Questions and Answers from Doug and Readers about practical straw bale gardening.

Vegetable Gardening Tips

Growing Asparagus

The slow and fast way of succeeding with asparagus in the vegetable garden

Growing Great Beets

You can easily grow beets for salads or the roots

Bush Bean Success

Here are the tips on how to grow your own bush beans, how many plants you need and how far apart to put them


Get more than just one harvest with these techniques.

Brussels Sprouts

Here are the tricks of the trade to getting good harvests of Brussels Sprouts


Growing Cabbage and getting five heads from each plant.

Carrots - Growing Tricks of The Trade

Here's how you succeed growing carrots in your backyard garden - slow germinators so...


A mini-course on growing cucumbers in the backyard vegetable garden


You can easily grow beets for salads or the roots

Book cover Vegetable Gardening


Here's what Doug just bought in the way of greenhouse kits for his own garden.


Few things taste as good as fresh sweet corn - three minutes from picking to table.


Chard is becoming one of my go-to edible and attractive plants for the kitchen garden - here's how I grow it


Before you can make pickles, you have to grow great cucumbers - here's how.


You can succeed if you take a few hints with growing this heat loving plant


Here are the things you need to know to succeed with this edible ornamental plant


Kale is the new go-to vegetable and you should grow it for early spring and late fall salad greens


Kohlrabi is simple to grow if you follow a few guidelines - here they are


Spring or fall crops are possible if you do it right. Here's how


Here's how to grow homegrown lettuce that tastes like something other than cardboard


Heat loving muskmelons can be grown in northern gardens - here are a few of the tricks


Here's how we grow all the onions we'll need - simple and easy to do (cheap too)


Parsnips are surprisingly easy to grow if you do it right from the beginning. This is all you need to know


When to plant to get bumper crops - and when not to


Green, red or hot peppers - here's how to grow them all along with a few interesting hot pepper facts

Pole Beans

We eat mostly pole beans - easier to grow, higher yields per square foot - what you need to know


We grow heirloom varieties and here's how you can duplicate our high yields


Grow radish but don't give it a specific area - here's how to make it useful in the garden


This is my favorite garden green and here's how we grow it (more than we need from a small pat

Squash: Winter

Want to store your squash - here's how to grow it.

Squash: Summer

Growing summer squash (it doesn't keep but it's generally sweeter than winter squash)


One of the old plants is making a comeback - easy to grow


Everyone's favorite summer treat - here's how to grow it for success

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Book cover Gardening Tomatoes

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