Organic Flower Bulbs

Growing organic flower bulbs is really pretty easy.

The key is to use copious amounts of compost every fall (as much as you can put on your garden).

That's it. That's the secret. Pretty simple isn't it.

I can hear you asking, "But what about growing tips?" Well, the growing tips are the same for any other kind of bulb so there aren't any real "organic" tips.

Growing bulbs is, or should be, easy enough that you really don't require heavy duty chemicals. The general tips here and specific tips on each bulb are all organic or environmentally sound.

What about pests?

Well, you can see the pest area of this website but generally speaking, pests are not a problem for bulbs. The few that are bothered (gladioloa and thrips) are covered under the specific bulb.

What about feeding my bulbs with special food?

Why? The compost will provide everything a bulb will ever need in the way of food.

Remember that many bulbs grow naturally in some of the most hostile geography on this planet.

Baking dry in the summer, freezing cold in the winter. Bulbs are not heavy feeders and using fertilizer on them is simply a waste of money.

Put the compost down and both your garden soil and your bulbs will thank you for it.

Second gardening tip:

It is far more important to allow the bulb to grow its leaves and never bother the bulb while it is still green than it is to feed and spray.

Let the leaves feed the bulb and you'll have flowers again next year. And if you do wind up with a few aphids on your bulb flowers or growing tips, a sharp jet of water from a hose will knock the little critters off.

Once off the plant, the aphids are usually consumed by faster moving beetles and other predators.

This entire website is really about organic flower bulbs and growing them. Read on!

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