A List of Hardy Old Garden Roses

Old garden roses come to us with a ready made romance and history.

These are the roses of history, of passion and of stories told around campfires and romantic legends.

They are also some of the most beautiful of flowering shrubs. For that is exactly what a rose really is – it is a flowering shrub and if you grow them as flowering shrubs instead of myths, you’ll have a lot more success.

Mostly Hardy & Easy To Grow

For these roses are for the most part hardy and easy to grow. Some are repeat bloomers and do very well in the South where the season is long enough and warm enough to generate that extra set of blooms. Northern gardeners will stick to the single flush of blossoms as our seasons are too short to really generate that second flush. The plant will expend energy trying to develop a second flush of blossoms and will then (having been unsuccessful) have to face winter in a potentially energy deficient way. This, as any gardener in the north will tell you, is not a good way to grow roses.

List of Old Garden Roses

The list below contains the basic division of old garden roses as maintained by the American Rose Society. You’ll see that each one of those names will link to a specific description (eventually). If you have a question about them I invite you to click on the link below to ask.

Alba (A)
Ayrshire (Ayr)

Bourbon & Climbing Bourbon (B & Cl B)
Boursalt (Bslt)

Centifolia (C)

Damask (D)

Hybrid Bracteata (HBc)
Hybrid China & Climbing Hybrid China(HCh & Cl HCh)
Hybrid Eglanteria (HEg)
Hybrid Foetida (HFt)
Hybrid Gallica (HGal)
Hybrid Multiflora (HMult)
Hybrid Perpetual & Climbing Hybrid
Perpetual (HP & Cl HP)
Hybrid Sempervirens (HSem)
Hybrid Setigera (HSet)
Hybrid Spinosissima (HSpn)

Miscellaneous OGRs (Misc OGR)
Moss & Climbing Moss are fragrant but watch out for those thorns.

Noisette (N)

Portland (P)

Tea & Climbing Tea (T & Cl T)

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