How To Easily Grow Nicotiana or Flowering Tobacco

What tobacco plant is tall and white? and has such a lovely scent to it? I had some years ago and can't remember what they were called. Is it Nicotiania or something like this? Awaiting your reply. Where could I purchase this plant in Ontario?

Doug says

Flowering tobacco or Nicotiana is indeed a wonderful plant.  

The older N. sylvestris is the tallest (48" tall) and most fragrant and the easiest (and likely the only way) to get this plant is to find some seed from a specialty seedhouse.  It will not be in seed racks nor usually sold in anything but a really small local grower/greenhouse.

Unfortunately, I don't track sources for seed or plants (it's a big Internet) :-) so you'll have to go searching.

Modern forms of Nicotiana alata most commonly sold in garden centers or big box stores are hybrids and while they come in a wide variety of colors do not have a fragrance worth speaking about.

Older N. alata (white ones) have a lovely fragrance but not (In my opinion) as powerful as the N. sylvestris

I've found that N. sylvestris will often self sow for me here in USDA zone 4.

It is easily sown and grown indoors.  

Growing Conditions

Nicotiana grows best in full sun to liight shade

Love a good soil; well drained and rich.  But will survive nicely on just about anything  for a single season.  Reseeds better in welll-drained soils in my experience.

Flowering Tobacco

Sowing Seed

Sow without covering the seed - it is very small seed.  

Indoors,  You'll need to sow it by mid-March for a late May planting outdoors.  

Keep the flat warm (see seed starting tips in propagation area) and within 10-14 days, you'll have small seedlings.    Transplant into bigger pots when the seeds have 4 true leaves (not the tiny seedling leaves but leaves that look like the mature plant)

Grow at 65F and in full sunlight until after all danger of frost.

Or, you can sow outdoors in mid-May for a fall blooming.  Keep the soil damp if sowing outdoors until the plants are at the 4 leaf stage and then you can transplant seedlings that are too close together.

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Deadhead the spent flowers to encourage new blooms but understand that unless you leave some to set seed, you won't have any the following year.all seed.  

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