Names of Spring Flowers

If you're looking for the names of spring flowers, if you want to identify spring flowering bulbs, you've come to the right place.

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Onwards though with spring flower bulbs.


Daffodils or Narcissus are one of the earliest and most common blooming builbs.  In shades of yellow - toss in a few creams, pinks and whites in combination and you have this wonderful deer-proof plant.

Easily grown in sun or part shade, there are fragrant ones, plants for naturalizing in lawns, tall and short and a large variety of bloom sizes.  They all tend to look like this though - a central cup surrounded by petals.

tulip apricot beauty
Tulips are the most popular bulbs in the world with billions grown and sold every year.  These are plants for the full sun or very light shade and just about every gardener can succeed with this plant.

These spring flowering bulbs come in a wide range of colours - from bright reds to stunning yellows with everyting (like this apricot) in between.

Relatively disease free you'll have to figure out how to outwit squirrels and deer to grow this plant -hint they're on this website.

>Hyacinths are the most fragrant of the spring blooming bulbs and typically come after daffodils and the early tulips.

Full sun or light shade and be prepared for an almost overpowering sweet perfume.  You'll either love this plant or hate it.


Crocus are one of the earliest (along with daffodils) and are a short bulb with an open flower.  Easily grown in sun or light shade, this plant survives for years if growin in a well-drained flower bed.

If you have a picture and need help to identify a spring flowering outdoors plant, click here

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