Moth or Butterfly (White-tipped black)

by Charlotte
(Jacksonville, TX USA)

Dark blue, veined wings with a light blue tip on both front and back wing. Body upper blue, lower portion an orange/salmon color. Long blue antenna with a long comb-like fringe, 4 legs

Was sitting on a flower stalk when pic was taken. Picture was taken in Longview, Tx USA which is in the NE portion of the State.

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White-tipped black
by: Moni

Your moth is a male white-tipped black (Melanchroia chephise). The white tip on this moth is distinctive identification marker. The thick feathery antenna are the key to it being a moth not a butterfly. The very thick feathery antenna indicates it is a male...the female has thinner antenna.

Butterflies have a very thin hair-like antenna with a club on the end. Moth antennas are feathery, tho sometimes the female antenna are so thin it is hard to see the feathery combs, but they do not have the club on the end.

This insect is found in FL and the southern Great Plain states and south to Paraguay. It does occasionally get blown or stray to more northern states, but does not live there.

The caterpillar eats Joseph's-coat, snow bush, white sapote, snow on the mountain, Tahitian gooseberry tree, and foliage flower. It is an inchworm, family Geometridae, and quite colorful as it with large yellow square-like spots all over it.

Neither the moth nor caterpillar are toxic to humans.

What a beautiful moth! Thanks for the great photo!

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