Four Morning Glory Vine Growing Tips

Morning glory vines are one of the easiest and fastest growing vines in the home garden.

In order to get a good start on the season, sow seed indoors 4 weeks before you want to plant them outdoors.

A Good Soaking

The easiest way to do this is to soak the seeds for 48 hours (lukewarm water) before you sow. Put 3 seeds to a small pot (3 or 4-inch). Barely cover the seed with soil; approximately one-quarter inch is fine.


Morning Glory

Moist Soil

Keep the soil moist (but not swampy) and at 70F soil temperature until the seedlings appear which might take as long as two weeks. Try not to transplant this vine as it will set it back. If you have other pots in the same area, you might want to stick some short stakes into the pot to give the plants something to climb on. Or move the pots of morning glory vines far enough apart so they will not tangle themselves (because they'll tangle themselves very quickly if left close together.)

Gardeners sowing outdoors should soak the seed as above and then sow directly into the ground when the soil temperature reaches 65-70F. Again, sow the seed where you want it to grow as transplanting isn't a good idea. If you sow them one-inch apart, you can thin to three-inches apart for proper air circulation while they are growing.

Growing Conditions

Grow this plant in the full sun or light shade in average soils. Excessive feeding will produce significant leaf growth and reduced flower production.

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Late Blooming

The number one question I get from gardeners is why their morning glory is so late coming into bloom? The major reason is because the most commonly sold variety is one called 'Heavenly Blue' and it is a notoriously late bloomer. It isn't something the gardener is doing, it is usually the variety of morning glory vine involved. Switch to another variety from a seed company rather than the common seed rack ones.

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