Meaning of Rose Colors

The meaning of rose colors is mixed-up bit of legend and lore and confused unbelievably by the Internet. Here is a brief summary of those colors with hopes that you print it out and send it (along with the flowers) to the person you’re trying to communicate with. This will eliminate any confusion if the person goes to a different website for information. 

*red – love, beauty, courage and respect. If you send a single red rose, it means "I love you."
*dark red – unconscious beauty
*white - purity and innocence, silence or secrecy, also reverence and humility White bud roses send the message the person is too young for true love while opened white roses in bridal bouquet send "a happy love" message.
*pink – appreciation="Thank you", grace, perfect happiness, and admiration
*dark Pink – straight appreciation, gratitude without the other qualities
*light Pink - admiration, sympathy
*yellow - joy, gladness, friendship, delight, the promise of a new beginning. If you send a single yellow rose, it means, "I care."
* yellow rose with red tip indicates friendship but falling in love
*orange - desire, enthusiasm, fascination
*coral – desire
*lavender – enchantment, love at first sight.
*red and white roses given together signify unity.
*thornless rose signifies "love at first sight".

And while I can pass along the meaning of rose colors, I can only trust you use this information wisely :-)


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