How To Grow Ixiolirion In The Sunny Spring Garden

Ixiolirion tataricum is a member of the amaryllis family and is a delightful little bulb for a dry and sunny spot in your garden. It will naturalize into zone 4 (possibly down into 3) as it is a central Asian bulb from the cold, dry steppes.

If this plant is happy, it will self-sow and naturalize. It is perfect for a well-drained sunny spot (no clay) out in a pasture or late mown grass area.

The flower color is a light purple and it flowers in late spring (May-June) for 4 weeks.

Book cover spring bulbs


Do plant it in the fall with your other bulbs. Plant the base of the bulb 3 inches deep and put them approximately 4-inches apart.

The flower is going to grow approximately 16-18 inches tall and makes a wonderful cut flower if you can stand to cut it. :-) Wait until it naturalizes and you have plenty.

This is a no-fuss or muss kind of bulb and is easily grown.


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