How To Grow Ipheion In The Spring Flower Garden

Growing Ipheion uniflorum is possible in large parts of the Northeast. This bulb is a member of the lily family and while it is a South American native, it is surprisingly hardy being normally hardy into USDA zone 5.

Let me suggest you take the plunge and plant a small clump of these little gems in your rock garden or front of the flower border; you won't be disappointed.


This is an early to mid-spring bloomer with lovely star-shaped flowers of blue-violet through white.

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Ipheon uniflorum 'Rolf Fiedler'

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How To Grow

Grow this plant in the full sunlight where it will attain a full spring height of 5-7 inches tall.

It wants a well-drained soil - clay or winter wet will kill it fairly quickly.

Plant the base of the bulb approximately 3 inches deep.

Plant bulbs approximately 2 inches apart.

Note: you may very well find the leaves emerge in the fall freezing solid and the flower emerges in the spring. This normally isn't a cause for panic as this is it's natural growth habit.

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Ipheon uniflorum 'Alberto Castillo'

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