Insect Identification Expert Helps You ID What You've Found

I know there are times in my own garden when I look at an insect and say, "What in the heck is that?" And I'm still learning about insect identification.

These can be butterflies, pests eating your flowers, whatever.

Here's a page where you can get assistance in insect identification about the insects in your garden and the controls (if need be) that will work on them.

I suspect you're going to find out that many of these insects are beneficial. :-) And you're going to want more of them. But you never know.

If you've been bitten by an insect, we do not provide medical advice nor can you expect us to respond immediately to your submission.Please see a qualified medical person.

Read Carefully. Unless You Do This, Your Insect Will Not Be Identified

  • Insects must be from North America
  • Start your title with the color of the insect. i.e. Brown caterpillar with red stripes
  • Pictures must be big enough to see clearly in the picture.
  • No picture equals no identification. We can't id from description.
  • Description should include: your nearest town, state or province and what the insect was doing when you found it

You must enter your email address on the second page. We don't use it for any other purpose other than notifying you of your answer.

Why? 1) We've found this deters spammers. 2) It lets us tell you there's an answer.

We do our best but this isn't a guaranteed speedy process.

What is really important is that you THANK MONI after she has identified your insect for you.

Have You Read The Above Guidelines? The majority of submissions don't get approved because the person didn't follow them.

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Brown, like twig on rose bush, including thorns 
Found on a rosebush; looked like a twig. The antenna look like thorns. Reddish nub on tail end looks like a leaf bud. Moves like an inch worm.

Black with red and white spots, tufted caterpillar (Rusty tussock moth caterpillar) 
Found eating Cistus ladanifer in San Diego County, California, April 6th. Small/young, only 1.5 cm long.

white bug with black dots (Nymph of true bug) 
body measures 6-7mm. found on the stalk of a black bean plant in close proximity to some zucchini plants. located in San Antonio, Texas. I ruled out …

Caterpillar with black head (Mourning Cloak caterpillar) 
caterpillar with black head, body color is made of white and black dots. It has black spines and it has a single black like running down the back with …

Black segmented bug with 6 legs and red spots (Glowworm larvae or female) 
This bug was found inside a south Florida home. It's about an inch or two and is black with a segmented body. It has red spots towards the thorax area …

House Fly with Stripes/Spots on wings (Picture-winged fly) 
This specimen was found in North Dakota in large amounts inside a building. Is it a type of house fly species?

Brown Insects Page 4 
About three inches, brown, hard

Caterpillar Pictures and Identification Page 7 
Brown appx. 1" long with yellow mass on back

Black Insects Page 4 
Found this insect July 7 in Western Rhode Island. It has a black body with two red triangles on the upper back. Very long antennae. The body is an inch …

Green Insects Identification Page 3 
This insect was found inside the kitchen windowsill in in my home in El Dorado, Arkansas, USA. It is green with a whitish underside, and has 6 legs and …

Caterpillar Pictures and Identification Page 6 
Pincher things in front, six legs in middle of body. Back half moved like an inch worm. Head is tan on top with 2 black dots

Orange Insects Page Two 
It flies and lands on my trees. flies , orange or red body, black and white stripped face, white rings around eyes. Black wings

Brown Winged right rear leg 
While sitting on front porch steps in the city, this insect landed on the railing. Only the rear right leg is winged. The tips of the antenna are reddish …

Tiny black and brown bugs 
I found thousands of these tiny bugs crawling in my front yard. They are all over my sweet alyssum and crawling among the rocks and concrete area. I have …

Green Insects Page 2 
We live in Claremont, Ontario and when we were sitting out in our back garden, I noticed this little green bug which I think looks like a chameleon crawling …

Red and Orange Insects pg 2 
This bug was flying around my bedroom. I finally managed to get it outside, and took a good look, because it was really very pretty (although much more …

Black Insects Page 3 
My sister found this insect in her bedroom at her cottage just south of Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. She thinks maybe it belongs to the Carabidaes. …

Caterpillar Identification Page 4 
Hello, We found this light green caterpillar in my parents backyard in Regina, Sask. Canada. It's as long as a ring finger and we've never seen anything …

Brown Insects Page 3 
I found this little critter on my Verbena plant. Several leaves looked like they had been eaten by something, and this was the only suspect at the scene …

Caterpillar Identification Page 5 
light green, about 2" long, with green specks and diagonal white/green stripes along sides. Large head. Pointed rump, no stinger. Looks almost a variegated …

Moths and Butterflies Page 3 
About 1/4-1/2 inch long....annoying....don't know where they are coming from. Swat several per day in last two weeks. Have pincers, usually flying around, …

Folks - this is where I want you to put a note thanking Moni for helping you out. Add it to the comments section below please. I admire everything …

Caterpillars That Sting 
black body, white hair with a little brown at the roots. fairly thick. about an inch long. found in bangor, maine.

Caterpillar identification Page 3 
I was trimming my hedges (no idea what the plants are, sorry), late august, northwest florida, and saw a whole lot of these; I'm wondering what the heck …

Moths and Butterflies Page 2 
about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length, white and black striped moth with orange body.

Black Insects Page 2 
I found this tiny bug with thorny body, yellow orange head with 6 white and black stripped legs out in my back yard. He was sitting on my wood table outside. …

Brown Insects Page 2 
I found this but in my flower garden. I have never seen one before. It looks like a cousin to a "Football Bug", the ones you touch and they roll into …

Orange Insects Page 1 
I spotted this little critter in the seeds of my yellow daylily, and thought he was a very pretty little bug. If anyone knows what he is, please share! …

Green Insect Identification Page 1 
i seen this up at my dads house late at night, around 10pm. in a small town called West Newton,Pa. this thing landed into the ground. been looking for …

Bluish-Purplish Insects - page 1 
looks like a large flying ant with beetle legs and a head like a wasp. has purple wings Moni says The photo looks like a Cerambycidae beetle known …

Black insect identification Page 1 
Found on hosta in mainly shade in residential organic garden in SW CT, surroundings are White Oak, norway maple, hemlock, rhododendron, compost bin. Approx. …

White Insects Page 1 
VERY small white furry insect with clear wings and beady eyes flying around outside...almost looks like pollen

Moths and Butterflies Page 1 
Attention entomologists! Larger moth-like insect found on our backyard patio. We live on a small lake in the Detroit suburbs (northern Oakland County). …

Yellow Insect Identification Page 1 
Yellow beetle looking thing with black dots and very long antennas Moni says It looks like you have a photo of a cottonwood borer. They typically …

Caterpillar identification Page 1 
I have about 5 on these on my licorce plant. They are eating away at it.

Spider Pictures - page 1 
found this on my ceiling in new hartford, ct

Gray Insect Identification Page 1 
6 black legs, gray fur on body Moni says Gray velvet ant also called thistledown velvet ant Rebecca, it does look like a strange velvet …

Brown Insects Page 1 
Thought it was a bat, good size, flying clumsy at night, 70degrees,Sandy Hook CT. I was hoping it was a Cicada but does not look like the pictures I had …

Spider Pictures With Names Page 2 
Black, fuzzy with a red u shape (kinda like a lady bug) on its back, green eyes. Was one in our bathroom and one on our couch. yech

Red Insect Identification Page 1 
swollen looking red head, abdomen red with black stripes, about 2-3 inches long

Bugs That Bite 
My neighbor, who’s an exterminator, never saw anything like this guy. He looks like a cross between a stegosaurus and a stick bug. In searching the Internet …

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