Growing Hymenocallis

Hymenocallis is often called (more simply) Spider lily, summer daffodil, Peruvian daffodil and Sea daffodil (just to mention a few of the more common names). It is related to the amaryllis and is a native of Peru. How's that for a bunch of info right off the top? It's called a "summer daffodil" because the flowers probably look more like a daffodil than a lily.

The nice thing is that these flowers are fragrant.

How to Grow

Flowering in mid summer roughly between the middle to end of June and into July for several weeks, this bulb (resembling a daffodil) can really cause a stir in the neighborhood if planted in large clumps as their flowers reach up to the 18-24 inch mark.

Do plant them so the neck is "just" above the surface do not bury this bulb and plant them so they are approximately 6-8 inches apart for the best show.

If you grow them in containers they do well there plant at slightly less spacing 5-6 inches apart for a good show.

Plant after danger of frost.

This bulb wants a sunny but sheltered location out of the wind and cold nights. Given its preference, it would choose an afternoon sun rather than a full, hot all-day sun.


Native to Peru, this is a tender bulb and will require lifting and cool, dry storage for the winter in all colder (frost) climates. You can try a deep mulch in zone 7/8 but don’t count on it.

Varieties Mostly Available in Garden Centers

'Advance' - white
'Sulphur Queen' - creme yellow
H. festalis - white
H. festalis 'Zwanenburg' - white (an improved festalis)
H. harrisiana - white

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'Sulphur Queen'

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