How To Grow Hyacinthoides For Masses of Blue Flowers

If you're growing Hyacinthoides, you're actually growing the bulb we used to call scilla.

The botanists all got together and decided that this long mouthful of names described the plants below much better and lumped them all together. Personally, I think it's a bit like marrying your cousin but they didn't ask me.

Even though the name has changed, luckily the bulb and its wonderful spring blue flower hasn't This member of the lily family continues to brighten up spring for us all and growing Hyacinthoides is still a required spring bloomer.

Light required

Full sun to part shade. I have some growing under an ash tree. They won't handle the dense shade under evergreens very well but as long as they get full sun before the leaves come out they're fine.

Other growing conditions

This is not a fussy bulb but like most of its kind, it likes a well-drained soil as winter wet will tend to rot it.

It thrives in lawns and you will have to decide whether you like this look or not because it is tough to eradicate. Hint: To get rid of it mow early and mow often so the leaves can't replenish the bulb. Thicken up the turf stand by topdressing and you'll eventually weaken the bulb to the point where it dies. Good luck.


Hyacinthoides 'Rose Queen'


Don't worry once you have one bulb you will lots more. This bulb is a great little self seeding plant that will slowly colonize your yard or lawn. You can dig them up when they are dormant (after the leaves all fade down in the summer) and replant where you want new colonies.

Landscape Value

You can naturalize these bulbs easily and quickly. Plus they are inexpensive to purchase. They are lovely in the rock garden where you can weed them out if they get too aggressive.

They also perform very nicely under shrubs blooming before the shrub leafs out in the spring.

There are two members of this family commonly available in garden shops in the fall.

H. hispanica is a taller -10-12 inch leaf plant while the H. non-scripta is shorter at 7-9 inches. Both come in a blue, white and pink flower varieties.

hyacinthoides bulbs

Hyacinthoides hispanica 'Excelsior' naturalizing

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