How Do I Water My Plants? Three Important Things to Know About Watering Indoor Plants

How do I water my plants?

The rule of thumb for watering indoor plants of all descriptions is to use the finger test.

Finger Test

The finger test means putting your finger on the soil of the pot.

If your finger comes away bone dry, it is time to water.

If your finger comes away damp, the pot should NOT be watered.

So, how do you water potted indoor plants?

Until It Runs

I apply water until it starts to run out the bottom of the pot. Seeing as the pot is standing in a big saucer, this is OK. I let the water sit in the bottom of the saucer for an hour or two. No longer.

What I'll often find is that the water will be reabsorbed up into the pot as the soil and clay pots take up more water. This is good.

Empty Excess

If there is water in the saucer after two hours, (and I hate having to do this) I then empty the saucer of water so the roots don't stand in cold water and starting doing something bad (like drown and die). I have learned the hard way that dead roots don't do too well when it comes to keeping houseplants flowering. :-)

I usually use warm water. It seems to be a bit of a treat to the plants and if they're happy, so am I

I apply my houseplant food in this watering system as well.

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