How To Compost

This page describes my e-book on "How To Compost" but I know you don't want fancy sales letters.  Besides, I can't write them.  

This ebook going to teach you to make great compost in one of several ways - from easy systems right through to fully "hot" compost that takes work to do.

It will tell you what to put in the compost and what not to put in the compost so your compost is safe and works well.

It describes simple ratios and how to make sure your compost actually works instead of just sitting there (it also gives you the instant cure for over 95% of composts that just sit there)

It's going to explain all this in simple terms but if you want more, it's also contains the starting points for understanding and using the more advanced carbon:nitrogen ratio.  For example, if you use this system, you can figure out how many kitchen scraps to add to sawdust to get that sawdust to compost nicely.

It tells you about fungal compost as well as the more traditional bacterial compost and how to make compost tea for the specific kind of plants you want to grow.  If you apply the kinds of microorganisms that plants love, your garden will be healthier and grow better.

It gives you practical recipes to follow that will produce the desired kind of tea so not only will your bacteria-loving annuals do well but your fungal-loving trees will thrive.

 It answers a lot of questions - practical questions that are stopping you from using compost properly and stopping your garden from blooming or yielding great vegetable harvests.

For example

* Your water source and how to make sure it's right - or how not to kill your compost tea with the wrong water.

*Using sawdust and wood chips and how to compost them every time so you can use all that stuff from the shop.

* Stopping plant disease with compost tea and why it works sometimes and not others.  But how to get it onto your plants safely so it gets a chance to wokr.

*Compost shrinking and why this is a good thing.

* Handling compost safely and easily.

* Special equipment you don't need and how to save money doing it the simple way.

* Accelerators and how you can find the cheapest ones right in your own backyard for free.  Saves you money.

* What to do with toxic plant leaves or woody stems so your compost is fine and you don't have to worry.

* Ants, animals, wasps and rodents - controls and how to eliminate them so there's no problem going out to the compost pile

* Compost questions such as, "Can it get too hot?", "Can it age too long?" "What's the difference betwen compost tea and manure tea?"  It's sometimes the little things that make a difference between having a great garden and having a so-so one - here are a lot of little questions answered clearly.

* Can I use manure from the garden center to make compost tea?" seems to be a question often asked.  The answer is no but I'll tell you why in the ebook.


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