Herb Gardening Articles, Hints and Tips

This page is the entry page to specific aspects of herb gardening. Whether it is a technique for germinating seeds or taking cuttings or growing herbs in apartments or …. any number of specific techniques you’ll find interesting or useful.

basil seedlings
One of my herb garden containers

Tips and Techniques for Herb Gardening

Indoor Herb Gardening

Here's the honest answers about which plants will do well in indoor herb gardening

Growing Culinary Herbs

Five Hints for Growing Culinary Herbs in the Backyard Garden

Processing and Using Herbs

Freezing Herbs

The three simple methods for freezing herbs and my favorite system

Drying Herbs

Everything you need to know to succeed with drying herbs

graphic herbs de provence recipe

Herbs de Provence

Herb Plant Profiles


I'm never sure where to put this spicy green - in the herbs or vegetable section.


a lovely easily-grown herb and here are planting schedules and tips

Growing Basil

Basil comes as close to any herb in our kitchen to being indispensable. We grow a lot. :-) Here's how we do it.

Borage: Blue Flowering

Borage - known for its huge show of blue flowers is ornamental as well as herbal


Here's how to grow catnip and keep your cat happy at the same time


Two tricks for growing and using it


A classic and old fashioned herb - here's how to succeed with it


Chamomile is more than just a relaxing herb - it's also a pretty one for the ornamental herb garden


Chives have a gentle onion flavor, are easy to grow and use. Plant in the kitchen garden

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Coriander or Cilantro

Coriander is the plant (here's how to grow it) and Cilantro is the Spanish name for the leaves


Growing dill is critical for pickles (and easy) but also for an interesting flower


How to grow fennel easily in your garden and getting tips for bulbs instead of leaves.

Growing Garlic

Growing, harvesting and variety suggestions for growing great garlic


Horseradish is simple to grow and here's how to control the heat when you process it


How to grow with links to propagating and drying this amazingly fragrant plant

Lemon Balm

A few important things to understand about growing culinary herbs

Rosemary: Starting and Overwintering

Starting your own plants from seed or cuttings, growing and overwintering hints


Sage is an easily grown herb but you don't need much unless you want it for traditional uses

Spearmint: Thug or Hero

this is one of the essential herbs in my garden but it's also a major spreading weed that requires a firm hand to keep it under control


One of the more useful herbs in traditional herb lore and easy to grow

Watercress Without Moving Water

Here's how you grow your own watercress without having a pond - simple gardening technique.

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