growing lavender

Growing Lavender Successfully

Let me simply tell you that this ebook contains all the information you need to grow lavender successfully. To have a gorgeous garden full of this amazingly fragrant plant.

If you're like me, you love this plant and want more of it - so here's what I've learned over the years of growing this plant in my nursery and gardens.

What's In The Growing Lavender E-book?

* the soil technique you need to know in order to overwinter this plant

* pruning to keep it in shape over many years

* pruning to keep it allive and not die out over the winter

* pruning to use it in culinary or dried herbal uses

* how to feed it for best success

* which one of the 28 most popular varieties to grow depending on where you live

* how to grow lavender in containers and how to overwinter it.

* how to make the plant live longer than commercial growers

* how to easily dry it for use in the house

* how to propagate the plant from cuttings and seed - the specific kind of cutting that roots lavender when all other systems fail

* overwintering lavender in the ground and containers

Who Wrote It?

I'm Doug Green - a full time, award-winning garden writer who ran his own nursery for 25 years, has worked in major perennial nurseries, and grows way more plants than any sane person should in his own garden.

I've had a love affair with this plant for many years, growing the hardy varieties outdoors and the more tender ones in containers and figuring out how to overwinter them successfully. (I hate it when a plant dies on me)


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