Growing Tigridia Successfully

Growing Tigridia or Tiger Flower successfully means understanding its native spot and a few simple rules. It is a native of South Central America (mostly Mexico) and while it is an attractive bulb, it can present some difficulties


To begin with, it is a tender tropical bulb and will not be hardy in my USDA zone 4 garden. It will require digging and storing (cool and very dry) in any climate that has freezing soil.

Tigridia pavonia aurea


This bulb does not usually increase by offsets but is easily started from seed. If it sets seed in your garden, collect that seed (keep it cool and dry for the winter) and then sow in the early spring to increase the number of bulbs you have.

Planting Tips

Put Tigridia so the base of the bulb is 6-8 inches deep. It really does require a deep planting.

Space the bulbs 5-6 inches apart.

Plant in the full sun.

Tigridia pavonia lilacea


The leaves on the plant resemble gladiolus leaves while the flower is as pictured carried on top of 24-inch stems.

Normally, Tiger Flower will bloom from the end of July until frost.

Special Tricks

This is one bulb that may present some difficulties if you live in an area with humid summers or lots of rain.

This bulb demands a dry soil for the summer. While it will tolerate wet springs, it rots quite quickly if there is too much moisture during the summer.

Bulb collectors routinely cover it with a pane of glass to keep excessive moisture away from the bulb.

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