Growing Sweetheart Roses

Growing Sweetheart roses is no more difficult than growing any other kind of rose.

To begin with, let's understand that a "sweetheart" describes the nature of the bloom rather than the growing conditions or the size of the plant itself.

The maximum bloom size on this kind of rose is 1 to 1.5 inches and they mature on stems that are 7-10 inches in length. These blooms are much smaller than hybrid tea roses.

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Usually Florist Grown

They are generally grown by florists as they have one of the fastest growing cycles and produce more blooms per plant than any other kind of rose.

And the name has turned into a marketing type of name.

Growing Sweetheart Roses in Your Garden

If you want to grow this kind of rose in your own garden, grow any rose in the floribunda class of plants.

And follow the same growing instructions for planting, pruning, and overwintering as detailed in the rest of the rose articles on these pages.

That was way too easy. :-)

sweetheart roses

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