Gardening Tips To Help You Succeed With Growing Shrubs

Growing shrubs is one of the mainstays of great garden practice, they give us structure as well as interesting foliage and flowers. If chosen well, these plants live for years in the garden with minimum maintenance and care. And as with all parts of my developing sites, the following articles are intended as general guidelines for growing these plants.

bridalwreath shrub


Techniques For Success

Pruning Shrubs

Here are the simple steps you want to take for pruning shrubs properly


Bridalwreath is a fine specimen, hedge plant for the sun or part shade

Wisteria Tree

How to grow a wisteria tree successfully

Wisteria Tree From Seed

How to start wisteria seeds and answering the question can you grow a wisteria tree from seed

My Azalea Isn't Blooming

Here are the main reason your Azalea isn't blooming.

How To Turn A Hydrangea Blue

The organic method of turning hydrangeas blue

How To Feed Trees

Do this little-known system and watch your trees explode into healthy growth


- nature's alarm clock in yellow

Growing Holly

and solving some problems with the plant.

Growing Hydrangea

Because you can. :-)

Growing Lilacs

Spring fragrance like no other

Hydrangea paniculata

- tree or shrub growth

Three Steps For Shrub Pruning

Here are the three steps you want to take


and why they may not bloom in your garden.

Shrub Removal

the easy way and tough way to remove or transplant.

Winterizing Evergreen Shrubs

although I'm not sure why you'd want to.

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