Three Things You Need to Do For Growing Mini Roses Successfully

Growing mini roses is pretty similar to growing regular roses (funny thing that!) :-)

They require a full 6-8 hours of hot sunshine a day!

Yes, they'll survive with a little less but like their larger cousins, they'll reduce their flowering for every little bit of light less than what they require.

I note in commercial rose production a reduction in light of 1% results in a flower production drop of 1%.

Feeding Mini Roses

I generally recommend a spring feeding with compost to get the soil activated and then at first flower bud start using an organic feed such as fish emulsion to provide them with a little “extra” to help with flower production.

I do not use chemical fertilizers as these tend to wipe out beneficial soil microorganisms that help the plants.


A common garden recipe in growing mini roses is to recommend 1 to 1.5 inches of water every week.

Put this on in two three-quarter inch applications spaced equally over the week. I have an inexpensive rain gauge in my garden to evaluate how much water the rain or sprinkler system puts on. It is probably one of the best $2. investments I've made in tools.

Growing Mini Roses

This means putting them in good soil.

Clay is fine for roses. As is an average garden soil.

What a rose will not grow well in is a sandy soil unless you really watch the watering and maintain water levels. Dry a rose out and flower production and growth plummets.

Perversely and conversely, a rose will not tolerate standing water for any length of time so this is not a good pond-side plant.

How to prune mini roses - an easy skill to learn and master.

Propagating miniature roses

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