Growing Liatris

Growing Liatris is pretty simple gardening as this is one hardy and easy-to-grow plant. Gayfeather, or Blazing Star as it is sometimes called is a member of the daisy family but with one major difference.

Gayfeather Flowers

Most flowers open from the bottom up. That is they start opening their blooms from the bottom of the spike and as these fade away, the upper flowers open. Liatris is exactly the opposite. It opens flowers from the top first – then moves slowly to the bottom of the flower spike.

You’re going to like growing this plant because it starts blooming in late June to early July and goes for a good six weeks.

This flower is also an excellent cut flower and will last for an amazingly long time if recut under water ever few days.

Planting Instructions

Plant the root so the eyes are just below the surface.

It likes a full sun, excellent soil and it does take damp soils that are well drained but not boggy or dry sandy soils.

It will grow nicely in part sun conditions but it will require 6 hours of sunshine a day for best results.


You should be able to grow Liatris right up into a USDA zone 4 with no problem outdoors. This is a cold-hardy plant that does not require any winter protection in colder gardens.

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