Growing Hedges

If you're looking for information on growing hedges, you've come to the right place. This ebook will give you the information you require to decide on which hedging plant is best for your garden. It lets you decide which hedge gives you privacy fastest, which hedge is the slowest, and which looks best for your perennials and that English cottage garden look you've been dreaming about.

Fast Growing Hedges

Is speed of establishment your main criteria? Remember that a plant that establishes and grows quickly will require more maintenance when fully grown. So this ebook gives you a growth rate ranking - plants such as yew are considered slow growers while Chinese elm is the speed queen of the growing hedges world.

The ebook also tells you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The ebook doesn't want to sell you a plant - it wants you to get the right garden plant to meet your needs. We want you to succeed at growing hedges.

What Kind of Hedge Do You Want?

Is a formal "look" what you're after ? The ebook tells you which ones are best.

What height do you require? We'll tell you how to grow those plants as well.

Are you growing hedges in the sun or shade? I'll tell you which plants will form a hedge in your growing conditions.

Do you want flowers on your fast growing hedge?

This ebook will give you the information you require to make the decision as well as the information on how to successfully care for the plants.


From planting instructions on how to really get those plants straight througy to the thumbrules for deciding how far to plant the growing hedge plants away from fences or boundary lines. This advice is taken from some of the old books Doug collects and isn't normally found in many modern gardening books. But this system works and will save you time and energy in the long run as well as get your hedge plants off to their fastest start possible.

Do you know how far apart to plant different hedging plants? You will after reading this ebook.


Many gardeners are never told how to prune their hedges properly. What kind of pruning do you give those plants when you install them?

And if you've ever had questions about the timing of hedge pruning, here's the answers.

Not only the timing is discussed but the actual pruning methods used to create those wonderful windows and arches in hedges are illustrated.

Hedge Renovation and Repair

I get a ton of questions about renovating old hedges and how it can be done. In this ebook, I describe how to do it and when to realize the hedge has outlived its usefullness and simply can't be fixed properly.

If there is a miracle to be worked with pruning, this ebook describes how and when it can be done.

Information easily found in the ebook: Plant Lists and Tables of How to Use.

There are tables for recommended hedges for both formal and informal hedge plantings and these alone will save you a ton of time wandering the aisles of garden centers.

The individual plants are discussed with their best (and worst) characteristics. There's no holding back here as I'm not trying to sell you the plants.

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