Growing Fruit Organically In Your Backyard Garden

I've grown fruit organically in every garden I've ever had. Well except one because I only lived in a rented condo for one season and I grew most of my garden in containers that year. But if we don't count that year, I've grown a ton of fruit.

There is nothing like fresh fruit out of your own garden. So sweet and juicy, your harvests will be so far beyond what supermarket fruit tastes like that you'll never be able to go back.

The small fruits here are easy to grow although they do present challenges every now and then. The first thing, and probably the most important, is to understand that quite often the fruit out of your garden won't be blemish-free like those in supermarkets. You don't see the marked fruit in supermarkets because it's sold into other channels or discarded. But let me tell you, an apple out of your own tree with a bit of scab still tastes far better than some trucked in fruit. (Simply peel the scab section or eat around it) :-) The strawberry that's a bit misshapen, well that tastes just fine. Raspberries, as you'll see below, taste good to me no matter what they look like.

If you have kids, you'll be somewhat surprised when your harvests don't seem to always be as large as you'd expect. Not that my grandfather ever comnplained when my kid brother and I "stole" pears and apples and whatever else was ripe enough to eat from his garden. And not that I ever really minded when my kids did the same. (Yeah, they'll never admit it either) :-)

Growing your own fruit organically means it's fine for you and your kids to eat directly from the garden with no problems and that alone is worth the work it takes to get your own fruit.

Growing Raspberries

Give me raspberries and vanilla ice cream and I'll follow you anywhere. Here's how to grow them (making ice cream is another website) :-)


Fresh strawberries are better than store-bought. Sweet, juicy and good luck keeping the kids out of the patch :-)

Growing Rhubarb

We grow a lot and that's a good thing because rhubarb pie (no strawberries in it) is the way to my heart

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