Growing, Propagating and Pruning The Bridalwreath Shrub

Growing Bridalwreath or Spirea prunifolia is almost a tribute to early pioneer gardens.

To be frank, it is a short-blooming shrub with a coarse, open growth. In masses, it can be quite stunning and it does make a rather good (fast-growing if fed) informal, (not pruned) deciduous hedge.

Growing Bridalwreath

This plant grows equally well in full sun or part shade. It grows on almost all soils although it will struggle at first on clay soils. It does appreciate regular spring watering – especially if you want to see the flowers last for any length of time.


It flowers with panicles of white (longish strings) flowers in mid-spring. They last for several weeks depending on the temperature. The warmer it gets, the shorter the flowering season.


You can or you can simply allow this plant to grow out into an arching, straggly shrub. It does bloom on old wood so pruning right after blooming is best if you want to see flowers the following year.

I have never done this but IÂ’m told if you cut a big old overgrown specimen to the ground with a chainsaw, it will throw new shoots and rejuvenate itself. Do this when it is dormant for best results.

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Tender tip cuttings when the wood is still soft work the best for home gardeners.

Landscape Value

For an informal hedge - planted on 24-30 inch centers - this will produce a fairly quick hedge in sun or part shade locations. It is not particularly an attractive formal (pruned) hedge as the cascading nature of the flowers is lost.


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