Gardening Wisdom: An Award Winning Book from Doug Green

I was very pleased (proud/delighted/amazed) when my book Gardening Wisdom won the 2001 top award for best writing of the year from the Garden Writers Association.

And it's done very well for me over the years but now it's time to share it with you.

What I'm doing is putting up parts of chapters on an ongoing basis over the next while and I'll link them all here for your reading enjoyment.

I'd like to be notified when new sections are posted.

I'm happy to do that.  Here's the link to signing up.    Every time I post an update, it will also be linked in the newsletter.

"The internet has made available masses of questionable gardening information. Doug has done an excellent job of parsing garden lore for gems of true wisdom."

David Hobson - author, writer.

read gardening wisdom here

Author Note: This is an ongoing project to publish the entire Gardening Wisdom (award winning book) online.  I usually publish one part of a chapter a week and you can be notified of new additions by signing up for the newsletter from the navigation bar

Gardening Wisdom Table of Contents

The Introduction

Chapter One

Container Gardening Basics     Container Garden Watering

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