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Hi - this is the place where I post all my new articles for this website, the results of garden trials and simply having fun in the garden. This website started a few years ago, when I had my nursery (hence the name) and I still report on plants and the techniques I'm learning to grow them.

I've also expanded the site to focus more on herbs and garden design.

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In answer to the question, "What have you done for me lately?" :-) Here it is.

Remember though, if you're not having fun gardening - you're doing it wrong.

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Spider Looking bug with fuzzy white tail

My husband and I found these while cutting down firewood on our property. We live in Michigan, and these were found on Sept. 18. They look like they

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Green Caterpiller With Bush Spikes (Io moth caterpillar)

Look like green bushy spikes and red ring around side of body

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blue wings and long (Antlion adult)

long with pretty blue wings. Live in Orlando FL weird bug capital of the world. Just want to know if this guy will suck out my soul or if he should live

Continue reading "blue wings and long (Antlion adult)"

Grey furry caterpillar (Davis' Tussock moth caterpillar)

Discovered this caterpillar on our mulberry tree in Southeast Colorado (Pritchett, CO) MUNCHING with hundreds of its brothers and sisters. I care for many

Continue reading "Grey furry caterpillar (Davis' Tussock moth caterpillar)"

Wasp or Bee Hive? (Bald-faced hornet nest)

This very large hive is in the bush of my daughter's Brooklyn front yard. I tried to see if it was wasps, as suggested, but it looked like bees...not very

Continue reading "Wasp or Bee Hive? (Bald-faced hornet nest)"

Black Insects Page 4

find out what black insects are in your garden and have them identified by entomologist

Continue reading "Black Insects Page 4"

Caterpillar Pictures and Identification Page 7

Page 7 in series of caterpillar pictures and names for readers of Doug Greens Garden

Continue reading "Caterpillar Pictures and Identification Page 7"

Cluster of Orange-Bodied Bugs (Leaf-footed bug nymphs)

Location: New Orleans, LA Behavior: I found these insects on my Malabar Spinach plant (last week of August). They were clustered together almost hidden—and

Continue reading "Cluster of Orange-Bodied Bugs (Leaf-footed bug nymphs)"

Black headed caterpillars (Dogwood sawfly larvae)

Found several clusters of these on underside of ornamental dogwood shrub today. They are not eating much and I like to encourage moths and butterflies.

Continue reading "Black headed caterpillars (Dogwood sawfly larvae)"

Big Eyed brown Bug (Hanging-thieves robber fly)

This guy was in our garden shed. He was very large, about the size of a...well, this is weird, I can't think of a comparable. maybe 2 to 2.5 tall

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