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Hi - this is the place where I post all my new articles for this website, the results of garden trials and simply having fun in the garden. This website started a few years ago, when I had my nursery (hence the name) and I still report on plants and the techniques I'm learning to grow them.

I've also expanded the site to focus more on herbs and garden design.

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In answer to the question, "What have you done for me lately?" :-) Here it is.

Remember though, if you're not having fun gardening - you're doing it wrong.

New Stuff Here

House Fly with Stripes/Spots on wings

This specimen was found in North Dakota in large amounts inside a building. Is it a type of house fly species?

Continue reading "House Fly with Stripes/Spots on wings "

Moths and Butterflies Page 3

Page 3 of Identifying butterflies and moths for readers

Continue reading "Moths and Butterflies Page 3"

Black Insects Page 4

find out what black insects are in your garden and have them identified by entomologist

Continue reading "Black Insects Page 4"

Green Insects Identification Page 3

100's of existing pictures and you can get your green insects identified by a trained entomologist and check out all the other insects already identified here

Continue reading "Green Insects Identification Page 3"

Caterpillar Pictures and Identification Page 7

Page 7 in series of caterpillar pictures and names for readers of Doug Greens Garden

Continue reading "Caterpillar Pictures and Identification Page 7"

Insect Identification Expert Helps You ID What You've Found

Upload pictures of North American insects you've seen and an entomologist will identify and answer your questions

Continue reading "Insect Identification Expert Helps You ID What You've Found"

Red and Orange Insects pg 2

A page where red insect pictures have been identified for readers

Continue reading "Red and Orange Insects pg 2"

Brown Insects Page 4

Pictures and names of brown insects from reader submissions to find out what the bug in their garden is.

Continue reading "Brown Insects Page 4"

Bluish-Purplish Insects - page 1

Bluish-purplish insect idenfication page with pictures of insects

Continue reading "Bluish-Purplish Insects - page 1"

White Insects Page 1

White insect identification where you can see white insects and upload your own pictures for insect identification purposes.

Continue reading "White Insects Page 1"

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