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Important guidelines - must reads

  • If I've written about it, I won't answer it again. Do a search on the bottom of the page for what you need to know. I modify existing pages or write new ones in response to questions I haven't been asked before.

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  • As I said above, I answer by adding a page or modifying an existing page.

  • Two important points to understand. 1) I simply can't answer every question because of the volume. 2) I am mostly retired and no longer have the time to answer all questions. Some questions just won't get answered because of point 1. :-(

  • Unfortunately, I can't respond to individual emails. Sorry

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  • A Personal Note

    I'm really sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but the Internet is a big place with a lot of folks and I'm one writer trying to live a creative life. I do my best to help as many folks as I can (that's why there are hundreds of articles on these pages) :-) And why I modify existing pages or write new ones so the next person coming along will get the benefit of your question.