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Hi - this is the place where I post all my new articles for this website, the results of garden trials and simply having fun in the garden. This website started in 1995 when I had my nursery (hence the name) and I still report on plants and the techniques I'm learning to grow them.

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In answer to the question, "What have you done for me lately?" :-) Here it is.

Remember though, if you're not having fun gardening - you're doing it wrong.

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Shiny green insect (Pale green assassin bug nymph )

Small 1 cm long gold and shiny with red tip butt and 6 legs and 2 antenna

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Very bright pink, almost wormlike, caterpillar (Gray hooded owlet caterpillar)

Very bright pink (fuschia), translucent caterpillar with pink strip down back. I thought it was a worm at first because of its movement and the very slick

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Black gold face , butt & horn (White-lined sphinx moth caterpillar)

Looks similar to tomato worm but legs shorter & head not so big. Face,butt & horn are gold 2.5 long

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Brown Worm or centipede (Millipede)

Black back light brown underbelly with delicate legs that are small

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Moth or Butterfly (White-tipped black)

Dark blue, veined wings with a light blue tip on both front and back wing. Body upper blue, lower portion an orange/salmon color. Long blue antenna with

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Dark brown with black head and black dots on body (Corn earworm )

Found a few of these on eating some cabbage. I've had them in a cup overnight and they seem to put out a cotton like webbing. I was thinking they might

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Large Brown Bug with antenna (Leaf-footed bug )

Out of the blue ... on a sunny afternoon in October ... I found this bug on my dining room table! It was still, did not move or scurry away. It was about

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White Insects Page 1

White insect identification where you can see white insects and upload your own pictures for insect identification purposes.

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Black and Red bug (Boxelder bug nymph)

Not sure if this is a good or bad bug, but seem to have a swarm of them, all sizes tho average about half inch long. Not sure if they are OK or not. Any

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Caterpillar Pictures and Identification Page 7

Page 7 in series of caterpillar pictures and names for readers of Doug Greens Garden

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