Three Methods of Freezing Herbs

Freezing herbs instead of drying herbs is quicker and easier but the first thing to understand is that you'll be freezing the water in the individual cells of the plant leaves and when these leaves are thawed out, they will be limp.

So you can't freeze them and expect to use them as garnishes. Only freeze herbs you'll use in recipes.

Freezing Herb Systems That Work Well:

1) Place the leaves in an airtight, freezer bag or container.

Freeze solid. The advantage to this is that it's fast and easy. The disadvantage is that in order to use a few leaves you either have to break them off the chunk or thaw the mass of leaves for enough for one recipe.

It's better to use one of the two systems below

2) Spread leaves on a cookie try and freeze.

When frozen individually, place in an airtight container for storage.

In this way, there will be minor packing and clumping but nothing that can't be easily solved. And you're going to be able to separate out exactly what you require

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3) Pack leaves into an ice-cube tray and fill the cubes with water.

Freeze. Drop the entire cube into the recipe.

The only downside here is you have to adjust other liquids in the recipe to account for the water in the ice-herb-cube.

Those are the three systems for freezing herbs you can use. I have used numbers 2 and 3 successfully but if you have the time and patience, option 2 is the best.

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